Silvan Durben Legacy Continuing Education Scholarship

Purpose of the Silvan Durben Scholarship
By sponsoring and funding this scholarship for continuing education, the OAC affirms faith in the arts through advanced education. It is our hope that outstanding students may be helped to achieve their potential for success in their chosen arts related fields. A connection to the OAC (must have graduated from a Steele County high school or attended a Steele County high school for 2 to 4 years) is a requirement in granting this scholarship as determined by the selection committee. We honor the over 40 years of service by Silvan Durben to the Owatonna Art Center in the granting of this scholarship.

  1. Applicants must include a self-written statement (see Student Statement below). This statement shall be limited to a single page document indicating goals, aspirations, and career-related information. This is not an “essay contest,” but it will give applicants an opportunity to explain who they are and what their future aspirations may be.

  2. Applicants must have been a post-secondary student for a minimum of one semester in a program of study at an accredited college, technical school, or an accepted professional program of study or have been employed for one full year after high school graduation.

  3. Applications must be postmarked or email time stamped by midnight October 11, 2019.

Submit application to:
Silvan Durben Scholarship Committee
435 Garden View Lane
PO Box 134
Owatonna, MN 55060
or email:

Student Statement - required
Each applicant is required to submit a short statement (one-page limit) describing future plans and goals. Failure to submit this statement will result in disqualification. This Student Statement must be submitted with the scholarship application.

In addition to academic data provided by the applicant, the student’s art, work history, sense of purpose, degree of self-initiative, leadership, loyalty, citizenship, and community service may be considered by the scholarship committee.

Scholastic record
A copy of the applicant’s academic transcript of post-secondary education must accompany the application. A record of grades, classes, and course of study is required. Please include a school reference for contact by the committee OR brief employment history IF you have not attended post high school continuing education after high school graduation.

Application form Word document
Application form PDF