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crochet in translation

july 7-28

Malia Wiley has combined craft and fine art into one, afghans and animal paintings. This body of work is inspired by the craft of crochet and started as an idea to translate the hand-woven fabric into a painting.

“My initial idea was to do closeup paintings of the stitches to create an abstract image. The theme quickly merged with my love for painting animals.

To me a crochet afghan is a thing of beauty. Several of the afghans used for these paintings were crocheted by me or my grandmother, but I also collect afghans from thrift stores and garage sales.

I have been crocheting and painting since I was a very young girl and bringing the two together has been so inspiring to me. Painting and crochet have been two creative outlets that I have continued topursue for most of my life and combining them only feels natural.

So why do painting and crochet work together? Crochet is color, pattern, composition and patience. It is a longstanding tradition that dates so far back historians don’t even know when it really started. You can say many of the same things about painting; essentially these two have been around forever. One is high art and the other craft and I do both.”

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Exhibition of Sharon Stark’s Jackets and Shoes

July 7-28

Pictured here is Sharon Stark, founding member of Little Theatre of Owatonna, in her classy jacket that she wore to the 50th anniversary of LTO. Several of her dressy and casual jackets will be on display in the Arnesen Atrium, in celebration of the naming of the Sharon Stark Auditorium.

Gallery hours are 1-5 pm, Tuesday through Sunday.