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Arlan Burmeister
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Andi Gaffke
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Les Abraham

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Ann Lange

A Message from the President

We have entered the new fiscal year for OAC and are saying goodbye to three board members, Sue Vedder, Naomi Jirele and Kevin Ihrke. We thank them for their contribution and look forward to their continued support of OAC. While we have lost these great board members, we have picked up three new exciting members - Les Abraham, Ann Lange and Andi Gaffke. Beth DeCoux was re-elected to another 3-year term.

There are many exciting events scheduled before the end of the year. A visit to OAC to enjoy the decorations is a must during the Christmas season. This year Fezziwigs will be the theme of our annual Christmas Dinner Party. Don’t forget to bring the kids for cocoa with Santa on 12/9. Check out all the various activities which are listed throughout this newsletter. This is also the time of the year to make sure your membership is up-to-date. OAC has a Foundation, and year-end gifts to the Foundation give strong support to OAC today and in the future.

An early Merry Christmas and Happy New Year greeting to all.

Arlan Burmeister, President OAC