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Interiors and Portraits

Harvey, ward of the state ages 4-16

Harvey, ward of the state ages 4-16

Maria, restaurant owner

Maria, restaurant owner

february 3-24

The February Gallery show will be “Interior and Portraits” by artist Ann Magnussom.

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Artist statement:
My painting series, Interior and Portraits, is an examination of what we collect, value and choose to surround ourselves with in our private spaces. I look at factors such as gender, age, occupation, ethnicity and economics as influences in the choices we make and how in our diversity we are similar and interconnected. The first four years of this series focused on Twin Cities Metro participants. Last year, through the support of the Artist Initiative Grant, I began to focus on subjects from southern Minnesota, specifically the communities of and surrounding Albert Lea and Owatonna.

Transfer Images using the Grid Method Workshop
Saturday, February 2
11 am-3 pm
The workshop is free, but you must register by January 25, by phoning the Arts Center at 507-451-0533. There is limited space.

From the artist:
Please join me for a free 1-day workshop where you’ll learn to use the Grid Method to transfer and/or enlarge an image of your choice onto a drawing surface. The Grid can be used to create photo-realistic drawings or paintings when accuracy is important. It is a simple method, used for centuries by artists and is an easily understood aid for artists of all abilities.

We’ll discuss the Grid, its applications and then using a photo of your choice, you’ll be guided through the grid method process, step by step. Once comfortable with the process, you’ll be encouraged to continue with the transfer and perfect the drawing at your own pace and according to your experience.

Please bring a bag lunch and beverage. We’ll also take time to view my exhibition in the Galleries, Interior and Portraits, and relate my work to the workshop topic.

I’ll provide basic drawing materials needed for the workshop. Although not necessary, artists may want to bring additional supplies such as pastels, charcoal, water-based paints and brushes plus any specific paper or canvas needed for these additional materials.

It will be a focused workshop, but I believe you’ll be surprised by the results you can achieve using this method. Also, be prepared to have fun!

For further information/questions, please feel free to contact me at:

Ann Magnusson is a 2018 recipient of the MN State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant.

emotional expression wall show

Hours to Days

Hours to Days

Why Can’t I Leave?

Why Can’t I Leave?

February 3-March 31

The exhibit is “Emotional Expression Wall Show” with artist Kathy Mommsen.

Artist Statement
Striving to show the essence of people in action motivates me. To capture human gestures, I draw and sculpt directly on clay wall pieces and vessels while observing a live model. The model and I work as a team, determining and adjusting poses to best describe the gesture that I have selected. Working with models in my studio, connections are made during our conversations. These conversations become part of the piece.

I sculpt and draw a series of actions to show the drama of the gesture. For each piece models show several gestures, usually as a fluid series. These poses require the model to move then stop then start again - frequently stopping in awkward/challenging poses. I use trained dancers as models for their ability to be expressive and hold demanding poses.

Like every human action, the ceramic process I use involves many layers. For each layer I observe the model in the same pose over several sessions. During these sessions I sculpt in wet clay, draw and paint in an effort to capture these gestures on the piece. Each layer gives me a new surface where I can react to the model. With each new surface I get a restart. The model is both familiar and new. The lines and colors feel fresh and intuitive. Observing the model new at each layer creates images that are raw, expressive and show only the most essential gestures.

Figurative Clay Relief Tile Workshop
Sunday, February 3
1-3 pm
Owatonna Arts Center, ceramic studio
Free, pre-registration is required (maximum 8 students). Phone the Arts Center at 507-451-0533, by January 25.
16 years or older
No experience necessary

Participants will glaze a tile while observing a dancer posing. Pick up finished tile on Sunday, February 10, from 1-4 pm.

In this free workshop, artist Kathy Mommsen will show you how to draw and glaze dancers on ceramic tiles. You will start with a fired relief tile and you will learn Kathy’s black maiolica glazing process while observing local dancer, Julie Deetz, posing in the studio. You will first do a wax drawing and then you will paint with overglazes on a tile while observing a model to understand that drawing directly on clay gives emotion to the art. You will be able to keep the tiles you create. The tiles will be fired after the workshop and be ready to pick up during the opening of Kathy’s Emotional Expression Clay Relief Sculptures Show at the Owatonna Arts Center, Sunday, February 10, from 1-4 pm.

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Kathy Mommsen is a fiscal year 2018 recipient of an Artist Initiative grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board. This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board, thanks to a legislative appropriation by the Minnesota State Legislature; and by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Gallery hours are 1-5 pm, Tuesday through Sunday.