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The Arts Center over the years has hosted The Ming Chow Sumi Chapter brush painting workshop. Catherine Park has attended and now would like to share her culture through her clay pieces and her husband’s calligraphy. 

Asian Brush Painting & Calligraphy:
Chi SpirIt of Korean Folk Masks

November 5-26

Catherine Park and Peter Park

We are Koreans who were born and raised in Asian countries, Japan and South Korea, where we were heavily influenced by Taoism, the Confucius philosophy from the Chinese culture. The influences of Taoism and Confucius philosophy are reflected in our art we are presenting. 


Both of us endured the bitter experiences of war that we will never forget, and we don't ever want to happen again. My husband Peter especially remembers the bitter taste of communism during the Korean War from 1950 to 1953 when North Korea invaded South Korea. We thank God that the U.S. government and United Nations stepped in to save the Korean Peninsula from becoming a communist country. We all are forever thankful to General MacArthur and the 40,000 U.S. troops serving and giving their lives during the Korean War to save South Korea. We want people to understand and learn about Asian culture and art.

We are presenting our art to people so they can understand Taoism and Confucius philosophies, promote peace and a proper way of living. There should be peace within each person and with others so that we live peacefully as good humans. That is Taoism.

Gallery hours are 1-5 pm, Tuesday through Sunday.