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July 8-29
Andrew Judkins, Painting

Andrew Judkins will be in the gallery from 1-4 pm on Sunday, July 29, painting, as part of Art on the Hills. You can see this young artist at work, ask some questions and get to know him.

Andrew Judkins when talking about his work:

“Why do I paint landscape? On one hand, it is simply the subject I've found I enjoy the most and have the most natural ability with. In this respect landscape chose me, or at least I was perceptive enough to let it choose me. Landscape is a way of reminding us that we are part of a universe of nature and life on this planet, part of a large, intricate web. I must examine it and create a version of what I see. Looking at paintings can encourage people to see what they didn't before or feel what they have grown numb to.

I mostly paint places around where I live in Southern Minnesota. and felt a connection with. In painting Southern Minnesota, I find a joy in making people look at an area not really known for its wildness or beauty in a different way. If you seek the joys and unique places where you are, a world of wonder awaits. It's fun to paint famous and spectacular things sometimes, but it is also fun to show what people think of as mundane is also spectacular in its own way. “

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Gallery hours are 1-5 pm, Tuesday through Sunday.