Music Concerts


Sunday, April 28, 3 PM

Accomplished musicians from the Shattuck St. Mary’s pre-conservatory program will perform a repertoire including Anton Arensky, Piano Tri in D Minor, Anton Dovrak, Piano Quintet #2 in A major, Jacques Ibert, Entr’acte and Mozart works. The performers include Cate Carson, Daniela Castillo Esquivel, Ana Dinis Perez, Angela Dinis Perez, John Lee, Juntak Lee, Kirill Nazarov, Vinh Nguyen, Harrison Oh, Jeremiah Samuels James Thompson and Isabel Toe.

The concert is open to public. Come and hear these aspiring young people, who one day may go on concert tours around the world.

"When There's Good to Be Done"

saturday, may 4, at 2 pm


Minneapolis folk singer-songwriter duo “Curtis & Loretta” will appear at the Owatonna Arts Center on Saturday, May 4, at 2 pm to present their program, “When There’s Good to Be Done.”

The award-winning husband and wife duo gathered together a stellar cast of characters for this collection of songs. Loretta wrote about real-life, ordinary people, who overcame seemingly insurmountable challenges in their lives, and came out stronger for the journey. These are story-songs of courage, resilience, kindness and determination.


There’s a rich tapestry of inspiration and riveting drama offered by the people (mostly Minnesotans) she sought out to interview and write about, including two men who grew up at the Owatonna State Orphanage, Harvey Ronglien and Peter Razor. The hour-long concert will be followed by a question and answer session with Peter Razor, who is an award-winning author. Refreshments will follow.

There are also songs about a couple who married “against the odds” in 1947; a WWII vet whose ship was sunk by Kamikazes, and who saved another man’s life; a woman who donated a kidney to a little girl she’d never met; a woman who grew up in poverty in Somalia and became a nurse at Mayo Clinic; a couple raising kids on the severe end of the autism spectrum, and many more.

All the songs are crafted with Loretta’s poignant story-telling style, and presented with Curtis & Loretta’s signature tight vocal harmonies and array of stringed instruments, including folk harp, mandocello, guitars, and clawhammer banjo. Owatonna is one stop on a 22-city concert tour that Curtis & Loretta are presenting across the state.

$5 donation per person suggested.

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