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In this class students will get to choose out several pictures and stencils of animals, like birds, dogs, and cats and objects in landscapes, like trees, plants and flowers to help compose their own painting. Then depending on their individual skill levels, some will use carbon paper to create an outline of their combined chosen images to paint on, others will use stencils to create their painting outline. The basics of primary and secondary colors and how to use acrylics and watercolors will be taught. Every student will have a canvas and have the option to try ideas on painting paper first before starting on their canvas. The instructor will demo how to make a collage using the pieces of leftover painting paper to create texture on the canvas. Many various and fun painting tools will be used. This class is about being able to create a painting in an easy way.

1:00–3:00PM Saturday
Sessions: 1
Instructor: Karly Ohnstad