Healing Arts Program

During the design planning for the replacement hospital in Owatonna, we realized that the healing process for patients must involve more than medicine and technology.  It also must involve human touch, personal caring and overall healing environment that makes a difference in a patient’s recovery.

The Owatonna Hospital Healing Arts Program seeks to engage viewers momentarily in reflective and trans-formative experiences that naturally contribute to lessening anxiety, stress and worries and promoting healing.

The visual arts, music, natural light, images and elements of nature, and healing interior design have shown to contribute to the comfort, safety , privacy and wellness of every individual involved in the healing process. The Healing Arts Program is a collaboration between Owatonna Hospital and the Owatonna Arts Center.

Works by regional and local artists that speak to the essence and spirit of healing are displayed in waiting areas, conference rooms, patient and staff corridors. Exhibitions are rotated every four months, offering variety and interests for patients, families, visitors and staff as well as opportunities for many regional artists to participate.

Patients, visitors and staff can also purchase selected pieces of art on exhibition. To purchase a piece of artwork, call the Owatonna Art Center at 507.451.0533.

Summer/Fall Healing Arts Exhibition

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